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EN老師又進修了人體穿刺技術,Body Piercing,為了給大家更好的穿刺體驗,我們的飾品進口於美國Invictus Body Jewelry,高品質同等於專櫃,安全衛生有保障!




About Invictus Body Jewelry

Invictus Body Jewelry was born from the needs of professional piercers and final consumers desire for high quality, affordably priced, and readily available piercing jewelry. We are committed to these four pillars of Quality, Design, Price, and Availability.

Invictus Body Jewelry is designed and produced for professionals and shops which offer piercing services. All our Invictus jewelry comes with a guarantee. In the unlikely event of there being a quality issue, we will replace and/or credit that item.

Our industry has matured and we have all become better educated regarding materials used in both the first piercing as well as long after the piercing has healed. For this reason We only produce products made from Implant Grade Titanium - Ti-6Al-4v Eli ASTM F136, Niobium, and nickel-free 14kt gold.

Invictus Body Jewelry is only internally threaded or threadless. We do not produce externally threaded jewelry. The non-exposed thread is designed so it will not damage initial or unhealed piercings.

We understand there are myriad reasons fast delivery is critical so we keep as many items in stock as possible to enable a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours for all of our Invictus orders.

We highly value our customers’ feedback and comments about all aspects of our business from product design to advice on how we can execute better as a supplier. We all are a work in process and we appreciate the relationships we have with our customers. We’re always happy to hear from you and take your suggestions and needs into account.